Elizabeth O. Gross,

Certified Life Coach, ACC Specializing in Recovery


Craft Your Own Recovery

Craft Your Own Recovery!

Helping women create a nurturing recovery practice to grow, transform, heal and liv​e life fully!


Are you on a path that's 

working for you?

When "stuff" happens in life,  you learn more about how your recovery is working.  Do you have the tools that you need in order to deal with the situation at hand?  How are you caring for yourself?  How's your self talk?  What kind of support do you have for yourself?    Is your current support system working for you and if not, what do you need?  What does it have to feel like and look like for you to feel nurtured and challenged to grow in a healthy way?  Recovery coaching will help you find your answers to those questions and many more!

The Recovery Coaching Approach

Why work with a recovery coach?  Choosing to recover from substance use disorder (addiction) and staying in long term recovery is a huge commitment.   There are many ways to go about recovery, and the most important way is to for you to choose your own path,  your own practice, and the tools that best work for you.  Everybody's recovery journey is unique.

What's not unique about recovery is that you continue to encounter the ups and downs of life,  the challenges and opportunities, and the situations that trigger you.  How do you deal with them as a person in recovery, and how do you build your recovery practice so that you don't go back to your old ways of coping when you get overwhelmed?

Recovery coaching helps you uncover the obstacles that get in your way, and the opportunities to try something different.  It's a safe place to talk about what's not working and where you'd like to go, and getting the courage to try something new -- your way!   Recovery is the ultimate adventure of embracing a new way of living.

You set the agenda for our coaching sessions, you determine your own goals, and the way(s) in which you want me, your recovery coach,  to support and hold you accountable.

How is your recovery contributing to living your life fully right now?

That's another important question about your recovery.  Are you currently living your life fully?  What does it mean to you to live your life fully?  What's getting in the way of you living your life fully?  Recovery coaching will help you better define what your living your life fully looks like, feels like, and how you want to get there.